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How To Do It Standing Up

            Barry Dougherty was out promoting his new book, “How To Do It Standing Up; The Friars Club Guide To Being A Comic, A Cut-Up, A Card Or A Clown” (whew!) and was doing a radio interview on WLIE. Suddenly, he was put on hold, because someone they’d been trying to snare for a chat suddenly called in–Hillary Clinton.
            After finishing their interview with the New York senator, the LIE jocks went right back to Dougherty, without missing a beat. “Here she is talking about world peace and I segue into a story about Carrot Top,” Barry says. “Not to mention the irony of my book title. Little did Bill Clinton’s wife know on the other line was the author of a book called “How To Do It Standing Up.’” Ba doom, boom!
                                                                – Michael Starr, New York Post

“How To Do It Standing Up” is by Barry Dougherty, who as editor of the Friars’ Epistle, the Friars Club magazine, and writer for numerous roasts, has gathered the choicest tidbits and tips to share with you. I liked this book because the author isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel or present you with a brain-numbing thesis on comedy; it’s just a great collection of short observations in which to do your own comedy prospecting. This accessible, quick read, with a foreword by Richard Pryor will soon have you feeling like you’re tasting the chicken soup in the Friars’ dining room and sharing in how motivating and enriching a visit to the Friars club can be, especially for the newer comic.
                                                                – Backstage Magazine

Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O’Brien, beware: You may soon have a lot more fledgling comedians beating a path to your couch. A new book by a Friars Club insider–“How To Do It Standing Up” by Barry Dougherty–purports to tell all about the fine art of slaying ‘em.
                                                                – Tripp Whetsell, New York Post