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A Hundred Years A Million Laughs

…The celebration, scheduled to be attended by the cream of city notables including Mayor Bloomberg, marks the launch of a striking coffee-table book, a club history called “A Hundred Years, A Million Laughs.” Author Barry Dougherty chronicles the landmark of laughter back to its founding in 1904 by 11 press agents. “The biggest joke among Friars is, ‘What’s the average age of the Friars: Deceased,’” says Dougherty with a laugh…
                                                                – Steve Dunleavy, New York Post

It’s a warm volume, filled with printable jokes,
                                                                – David Hinkley, Daily News

This book is sensational. You’re really going to enjoy that!
                                                                – Ed McMahon, Lifestyle Radio Show

This book is a terrific book. We’ve had a lot of fun with it and if you want the book you’ll have a lot of fun with it.
                                                                – Ralph, Mary & Company
                                                                – Syndicated Solutions Network
                                                                – Ralph Saviano & Mary Walter