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Barry Dougherty, editor of The Friars Epistle at the New York Friars Club, a private
entertainment organization known for its roasts.

His background:
Grew up in Seaford dreaming of writing and producing TV commercials. Enrolled and earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Hofstra University. After college, he held many positions in and around his major area of concentration; first as a news reporter for Cablevision, then as a media planner for the NW Ayer advertising firm. When he landed the job at the advertising firm, he thought his dream had finally arrived, but he soon found out that his job centered on numbers and not the process of creating commercials. After moving on, he held many jobs: at the Museum of Television and Radio as a public service assistant; WNET / 13 as a production assistant; Macmillan Publishing as an employee relations coordinator; and back to the Museum of Television and Radio as a public services coordinator, handling all areas open to the public.

How he got his job:
“My friend knew someone here who told me about the position. I met with the company, and now I have been here for 12 years.

What else do you do at the club?
“As well as being editor, I am author of four of the Friars Clubs books, produce events and handle public relations.

What do you like about the job?
“Meeting the people, celebrities. Not everyone can interview who I have, and no one can say that John Travolta called them at home. I have met celebrities like Drew Carey, Billy Crystal and many more.

“There is no reason why anyone should be miserable at a job. When you want to do something, you don’t just sit on your butt and wait for it to happen. . . . Drop off resumes, find different people within the company to write to. You are persistent until it happens.”

—Quincy M.